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GoTimetable Sheffield

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Since South Yorkshire PTE stopped printing timetable leaflets it has become harder to find out when your bus goes and where.

GoTimetable Sheffield makes that task much easier. Think of it as a timetable book on your mobile, laptop, tablet; in fact any reasonably modern computer-type device. It comes in two versions:-

For Android devices it can be obtained FREE from Google Play Store and downloaded as a complete package. Once installed you do not even need a signal! For other devices, the same information in the same style can be found on the web and FREE at

A selection of the facilities on offer is:-



GoTimetable Seaton

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GoTimetable Seaton brings together all bus services in Seaton, Beer, Colyford and Colyton plus selected links from nearby Axminster, including train services. A network diagram lets you tap on a route number or destination and go direct to the appropriate timetables.

At its core is the set of full published timetables for all these services. Whilst this information is available elsewhere in printed form and online it can be difficult to find and tough to manipulate on a phone or tablet. This is now easy.

Each service has a route diagram and chosen main stops are highlighted on these maps to help you check their location.

Search for extra stops and their estimated times are shown in the correct place in the timetable list.

A journey chosen for a specified time will be highlighted clearly and choosing "Depart Now" will count down to the next available trip.

Various bus services were due to change on three different dates in May 2016 and tables are clearly tagged giving change dates and countdown information.

The team has worked hard to ensure accuracy but cannot be held liable for the consequences of any mistakes which may be outside of their control. The team also welcomes advice and comment; updates will be available as required.

Note also that on Bank Holdays a SUNDAY service usually operates